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Already at younger age I felt the fascination of wireless communication. With the help of some good books I built several transmitters, but without in depth knowing about how i.e. a transistor works. Over the time I developed a feeling how electronic circuits work and how propagation of radio frequencies works. To legalise my hobby in 1980 I passed the HAM-Radio Licence Test which was held by the former German authority the Bundesamt for Post and Telekommunikation (BAPT) in Munich. After some waiting I became the Amateur Radio or HAM-Radio callsign DD5KI. In that time I became a member of the German Amateur Radio Society, the DARC

  • The first larger project was the construction of a UHF Amateur Radio Repeater. All electronics, analog and digital, high- and low-frequency components where build by Flori My part was mechanics, antenna, organisation, photo-documentation and the formal responsibility.
    DB0NJ 70cm UHF Repeater Munich, on the AGFA house in Freimann.
  • In 1985 a new operation mode for transmission of digital information was founded, packet radio. With the first AX.25 software for the Apple IIe developed by stefan DL2MDL and a self made modem, my first digital packets where send in the ether. A bit later Flori developed his DIGICOM64.
  • In several other HAM-Radio Repeater Projects I was involved. During the construction of the Packet Radio Node DB0AAB on the Fachhochschule in Munich my part was the photo-documentation, mechanics, antennas and the calculation of statics:
    DB0AAB Packet-Radio Network-Node Munich, on the Fachhochschule
    DB0BK 23cm SHF FM-Repeater, Munich on the Theresienhöhe
    DB0DK 23cm SHF FM-Repeater Wendelstein
    DB0ZY 2m RTTY-Repeater, in Munich on the Theresienhöhe
  • One of my last projects was the design and construction of the new Amateur Radio Repeater with the callsign DB0PM. To my knowledge this is the first and only HAM-Radio implementation in Germany of the technology of the so called common-frequency network or single-frequency network.
    DB0PM 70cm UHF Repeater, common-wave broadcasting., Schliersee/Taubenberg
    Over the years my priorities have moved more towards my job. But the hobby Ham-Radio is still one of my favourite sector in my life which gives me numerous abilities to have fun and advance my abilities. The increasing impact on the limited resource "frequency" leads to numerous attempts to detruncate the assigned frequency spectrum for our hobby and to reassign them for commercial use. I think it is very important to protect our HAM-Radio frequencies which a dedicated and protected by national an international law. This, I think can by done by building and maintaining automatic repeater stations and networks.
    On the following pages I would like to illustrate my activities.

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