Cars with Antennas

The HAM-Radio hobby can be also run very nicely in a car. Therefor you need "proper" aerials:

My first car was a Volkswagen VW 1600-L of which I couldn't find any usable pictures. Due to it's quite massive chrome bumpers you could mount long quarter wave whip antennas such as the FMA-1 for the CB - 11meter Band.
VW Glof in Winter VW Golf in Winter
These pictures are dated from winter 1986 with lots of snow. This was my second car a VW Golf (Rabbit). On the roof a stacked UHF Antenna and a 5/8λ antenna for the 144 MHz band.
BMW 320 with Antennas BMW 320 with VHF, UHF Antannas
Here my first new car, a BMW 320i model 1988. On the left side you see a 5/8λ and on the right hand a stacked UHF antenna which usually was designed for the German C-Net cellular network.

BMW 520 with Antennas BMW 520 with Antennas
On left side one of the two red BMW 520 model 1991. On the right side you see also a BMW 520 model 1998. You clearly can see the silver reflecting double-glass windows. On all company cars I had antennas for the 88MHz, VHF and UHF band. A duo-band-antenna for UHF and SHF on the roof.
BMW X5 with VHF UHF EHF Antennas BMW X5 with VHF UHF EHF Antennas
Due to heavy winter driving conditions in my area the "Oberland" in southern Bavaria I quite often got stuck. So therefor the wish came up to have a car which was suitable for winter. So it should be the Bimmer X5 3.0. The only difficulty was the fact that there was not much space between the roof top of the car and the car park ceiling. So all antennas had to be relatively short. On the roof you see for antennas, a 1/4wave for VHF, a 1/4wave for UHF from Kathrein, a collinear stacked GSM cell-phone antenna and a collinear stacked antenna for SHF also from Procom. On the left front mudguard a whip antenna for 4m. A GPS and GSM antenna is invisibly mounted in the roof spoiler. In the rear windows, two aerials for diversity FM-radio reception. A TV, long-medium- and short-wave antenna and also a UHF antenna for the remote-lock and the remote control for the autarkic heating system are integrated in back window.
In sum eleven (11) antennas!

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