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I was born in 1960 in the town Gunnar Billericay in England. In the year 1966 we moved to Munich, Germany. I was put to primary school Gunnar in Munich Giesing, there I quickly learned the german language. Fortunately my parents brought me up bilingual. Since 1990 I am living in Holzkirchen southern bavaria and I can say I am feeling quite comfortable here. Althought I was not born here I would like to say that this wounderful region, the people in bavaria, just in front of the alps, now is my home.

 I am 182cm tall; and try to keep my weight at 75Kg. Gunnar This is not always easy because I like have a good dinner with friends. Due to a mostly sedentary life / job I dont want to lose my fitness and therefor I like to go so often my job lets me with friends in the mountains for hiking. Because there is not always a friend available to acompany me and the wether is not always siutable I more or less regularly Gunnar try to visite a fitnesscenter.


Im winter it is a must to have a week off for alpine skiing with powdersnow it is the best way to properly workout.
Gunnar 1996
Here I will inroduce my hobbys
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Job related things
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Things I like:
- Far views with clear sky form mountains
Gunnar - open-minded, cheerful and friendly people
- respectful, considerate manners Gunnar in New Zealand
- all technical stuff
- well- balanced give and take
- clear objectives
- to make my own decisions
- logic
- to enjoy the small things in life
- anticipation
- good music, mostly erverything, for the right occasion
- life and let live
- explaining and passing on my knowledge
- being with good friends
- enthusiastical people

What I miss:
- dont take erverything so seriously Gunnar
- laughter is the best medicine
- calmness
- to find a wife

What I do not like:
- crowds of people
- bad air due to smoking
- ruthlessness
- ruthless people
- to adorn oneself with borrowed plumes
- people who cant listen to each other
- heteronomy

My address:
Daisenberger Strasse 5, 83607 Holzkirchen,
Tel: , Mobil:

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